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Are you a Friend?

February 1, 2013

Did you know that Oregon State Parks partners with 16 different nonprofit organizations around the state to help us create the great experiences for park visitors, volunteers and staff?  These Cooperative Associations, more commonly referred to as Friends Groups, provide a network of support for State Parks and a great opportunity for you!

So what do Friends Groups Do?

  • Raise funds through direct asks, capital campaigns, grants and many other creative and inspiring ways
  • Raise friends and build relationships with folks in their community and others that visit the park and want to help keep it special.
  • Engage volunteers in meaningful service doing everything from A to Z.
  • Deliver programs at the parks.  Whether it is dressing up in period costumes, working with the young or the old, or taking a hike and telling a story along the way, Friends groups volunteers deliver!
  • Promote special places.  Friends Groups love Oregon State Parks!  Each group supports a specific park property…and some even support more than one.  Friends groups are telling people about the parks through social media, the Internet, and print publications.
  • Operate interpretive stores in 13 of State Parks around the state.  Helping to provide you everything you need for a great experience in the park, interpretive stores will give you an opportunity to purchase something to keep the story going well after you have left the park.  Hopefully it reminds to come on back as well
  • Host special events such as Holiday Lights, Mother’s Day Wildflower Day,  Living History Days, Reenactments, and many other great events.  These folks know how to have a good time and provide a great event for park visitors

How do I become a Friend?

Learn more about our partners and the State Parks they support by visiting on the links below or giving them a call.  Become a Friend of Oregon State Parks today!

Cape Blanco Heritage Society*  | (541) 332-2352

Friends of Bates State Park | (541) 820-3642

Friends of Cape Meares* | (503) 842-5270

Friends of Collier Memorial Park Logging Museum* | (541) 783-2387

Friends of Historic Champoeg* | (503) 678-1649

Friends of Honeyman Memorial State Park | (541) 997-3641

Friends of Kam Wah Chung* | (541) 575-2721

Friends of Old Fort Stevens* | (503) 861-2000

Friends of Shore Acres* | (541) 888-3778

Friends of Silver Falls* | (503) 873-8735

Friends of Stub Stewart SP and Banks Vernonia Rails to Trails* (503) 693-9096

Friends of the Sumpter Dredge* | (541) 894-2472

Friends of Tryon Creek State Park* | (503) 636-4398

Friends of Vista House* | (503) 695-3471

Friends of Yaquina Lighthouses* | (541) 574-3129

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